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June 2018

Journal of Water & Health

A Quantitative Analysis of Swimming Pool Recirculation System Efficiency 

Amir Alansari, James Amburgey, and Nathan Madding

July 2016

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

High-Capacity and Rapid Removal of Refractory NOM Using Nanoscale Anion Exchange Resin

Billy Johnson, Tim Eldred, Andy Nguyen, William Payne, Emily Schmidt, Amir Alansari, James Amburgey, and Jordan Poler

October 2016

Journal AWWA

Evaluation of Seasonal Performance of Conventional and Phosphate‐Amended Biofilters

Meric Selbes, James Amburgey, Caleb Peeler, Amir Alansari, and Tanju Karanfil

October 2016

Journal AWWA

December 2015

Journal AWWA

Optimization of Coagulation Pretreatment Conditions in a Ceramic Membrane System

Amir Alansari, Meric Selbes, Tanju Karanfil, and James Amburgey

"AWWA Best Membrane Treatment Paper Award"

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