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The SuperModel 3.5

Image by sergio souza

Suppose there was a fecal contamination incident at the spray pad shown in the picture above. How long would it take until the water is safe again? would it be minutes? hours? or days? Should you drain some of the water? increase the turnover rate? or both? What is the best strategy to clean the water as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Fortunately, there's a powerful new tool you can ​use to answer all the above questions and more...

The SuperModel is an interactive excel-based tool that simulates spray pads.

SPS allows users to:

  • Determine the impact of system parameters (e.g., turnover rate, filter efficiency, etc.) on contaminant removal efficiencies

  • Introduce contaminants either as a slug (“an accident”), a continuous load (bathers), or both

  • Compare up-to five different scenarios 

  • Simulate pathogen removals, turbidity removals, and UVT reduction

  • Simulate pathogen inactivation with free chlorine and cyanuric acid  

Example of Model Outputs



Windows now automatically blocks all files downloaded from the internet that contain macros. You must unblock the file before using the program.  As shown here

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